UXCamp Ottawa is on Nov 27th @ uOttawa

As a member of the planning committee for UXCamp Ottawa I would be remiss not to invite you all out to uOttawa on November 27th to chat UX with both new and long-time practitioners, designers, developers, marketers and other creative types. Sign-up now if you want to reserve your seat. Registration just opened a few days ago  and there are already over 50 people signed up.

What is User eXperience (UX)?
For the purpose of this event, we’re using a fairly broad definition. This is a community event organized by volunteers so it’s pretty inclusive of “anything and everything else about creating better products and better experiences.” Of course Wikipedia has a more descriptive definition if you’re still wondering.

What’s going on in Ottawa?
So, on the (almost) eve of World Usability Day, what are the UX issues people are talking about here in Ottawa?

Dmitry Nekrasovski, Interface designer at OpenText, presented in October at the Agile Ottawa meet-up about the fit between UX and Agile processes.

Never one to mince words, Cornelius Rachieru posted soon after about the pitfalls of UX in an Agile environment and how to avoid them.

If you’re interested in the somewhat more academic side of Human Computer Interaction, hanging out with the CapCHI chapter might be for you. I noticed on the board at Code Factory that the next event is November 16th.

Speaking of academia, Ottawa’s also lucky enough to be a HOTbed of research with our very own Human Oriented Technology (HOT) Lab at Carleton University. I hope I’m not stealing anyone’s thunder here, but in addition to undergrad and graduate programs in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) from the School of Psychology, I hear that Carleton will soon be offering an inter-disciplinary Masters degree in HCI. More to come on that I guess since I couldn’t find a link anywhere.

Anyway, all that to say that it’s been a real pleasure to discover the bright and passionate UX practitioners right here in our own backyard. There’s a real community budding in Ottawa – come be a part of it.

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About Laura

As a Business Analyst working for the Canadian federal government in Web usability, I have the opportunity to be a part of a growing movement of professionals implementing user-centered design principles.
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8 Responses to UXCamp Ottawa is on Nov 27th @ uOttawa

  1. Laura says:

    P.S. I know there must be more cool events to invite people to but I’m tired and it’s supper time so you’ll have to leave a comment if you want to let everyone know about your event. :)

  2. Sounds like a great event. I wish it wasn’t on a Saturday, though. It is tough getting out of family commitments to go to a work event on the weekend.

  3. @krisaston says:

    You’re welcome for that slideshare ;)
    C’mon out to UXCamp Ottawa! It’s going to be a great day!

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  5. Thanks Laura – looking forward to UXCamp!

  6. cornelius says:

    This just made it on the front page of the Ottawa Daily (http://paper.li/tag/Ottawa), great promo for UXcamp :O)

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  8. Laura says:

    Neat – thanks for letting me know that Cornelius.

    Will see you Dmitry & Kris…and hopefully Annie too! I know Saturdays are tough to commit to.

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