WxT CodeFest: not *just* for coders

CodeFest is designed to get more people working on or with the Web Experience Toolkit (WET), regardless of their role in the Web publishing process, skill level or area of specialization. It will be held at Ottawa U on August 8 & 9th.  Follow the Web Experience Toolkit on Twitter or check out the website for ongoing communication about the event and the Toolkit. Here’s a bit of what’s on deck….

For the techies

Ok, it’s not *just* for coders, but there will certainly be lots of activities to choose from if you are a developer. Codesprints are being planned as I type this, and last year’s wiki pages are being updated with the information you need to come prepared.

So, grab your laptop and attend or organize a pre-CodeFest tutorials on one or more of the following topics:

Update: the CodeFest website now lists the pre-CodeFest activities and events.

Inspired by Cory Doctorow’s idea about designing for a spectrum of engagement the UX folks on the planning committee have been actively planning activities for everyone else.

For the designer in you

The Design Jam will be an opportunity to improve the Web Experience Toolkit website. Beginners welcomed!

We also have a variety of roles to fill with ux specialists, such as:

  • Mentors who understand the user-centred design process to help with the Design Jam.
  • Usability experts who can provide heuristic reviews and feedback directly to the developers.
  • People who are comfortable enough with user research and test methods to do rapid hypothesis testing.
  • Web User Interface designers well-versed in usability principles and approaches who want to participate in the event.

I just want to use the Toolkit

You’re our #1 client! Come give developers and designers your comments and suggestions about what you need!

Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure but you’re curious, sign-up as a volunteer. We need friendly faces to greet folks at the door, help direct traffic during the afternoon chaos, and add content everyone’s ideas onto GitHub wiki and issues tracker during the event.

But I’m not in Ottawa

No worries! The keynotes will be broadcast online in a Google Hangout. There are also satellite events in the works for Winnipeg, Vancouver or Summerside.

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About Laura

As a Business Analyst working for the Canadian federal government in Web usability, I have the opportunity to be a part of a growing movement of professionals implementing user-centered design principles.
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